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HAMAZCORP provides implementation, consulting and engineering services covering the full scope of today's enterprise IT environment, and integrating different technologies to create IT systems that respond to clients' strategic needs.

A) Consultancy

  • Provide project consultancy during the design, planning and the implementation stage. It includes data and information gathering activity, system capacity planning and assessment, network architecture design, disaster recovery planning, and IT Master Plan.

B) System Integration

  • The core services is enterprise network infrastructure, system development, enterprise network security, structured cabling system, computer systems and peripherals.

C) Engineering Services

  • Provide engineering services related to IT requirements including site preparation, computer room, disaster recovery center, environmental system, surveillance system, audio video system and power backup system.

D) Project Management

  • Provide Project Management Team to manage the project implementation from the design and planning to the project commissioning. Also provide professional services, professional staff outsourcing services and project documentation.

E) System and Network Audit

  • Provide system and network audit services by establishing the network and system baseline to improve network performance, management, security, policies and documentation. Our approach to carry out the services is by understanding the current issue, assessment the infrastructure, identify opportunity for improvement, identify of security vulnerabilities, system storage, performance bottleneck and provide strategic recommendations for improvement.

F) Enterprise Security, Policy and Procedure

  • Provide Enterprise Network Security design and implementation, security audit and assessment, and develop security policy and procedure.


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