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HAMAZCORP SDN BHD activities are centered on providing innovative, end-to-end, mission critical solutions that are of pivotal importance to an enterprise‘s success. As a total solutions partner for selected industries, HAMAZCORP advises its clients on how to design their business strategy and organize their business processes. From planning to implementation to applying management and operation, HAMAZCORP guides companies through all stages in the lifecycle of business operations and infrastructure.

The ability to sense the rhythm of imminent changes in its operating environment and to respond and adapt accordingly will be the enduring success of HAMAZCORP. We at HAMAZCORP believe that the confidence placed in us by our clients, is a basis for us to offer our best and utmost services to the wider management.

HAMAZCORP team is comprised of full-time Project Executives, Managers and Associates who interact to solve problems. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and has extensive experience in consultation, general contracting, project management, design, facilities management and engineering. We have several trained analysts and facilitators who gather details and facilitate meetings to ensure we provide the best solution.  Our organization has the capabilities in developing strategic plans and architectures for all sizes and types of organizations.  At any time we can provide examples of past proposals and strategic plans.

HAMAZCORP’ goal is to move and grow together with the nation by using the fastest resource available in today’s technology and to provide the best possible consulting services in our area of expertise, while allowing our clients to receive maximum benefit from our knowledge and experience.



HAMAZCORP engages with our client in partnership. Their success is our success and we treat our client’s business as our own. By synergizing their people, our subject matter expert people, processes and technology, and best practice approaches, we help our customer develop key competencies, fill critical gaps and access the right information for optimal result.

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